Working in financial services involves a plethora of paperwork. Whether it’s keeping up with the latest financial services guide, compliance reporting, disclaimers, creating statements or records of advice it’s all time consuming.

Some financial advisors are so inundated with paperwork that they’re not able to generate the revenue required to operate their business.

From automated paperwork generation to calling financial institutions, our team of dedicated admin and tech experts can work with you to both automate and streamline your existing processes.

Basic Adminstration Services

With our fully trained staff we can handle your phone and email traffic and ensure that every call and email goes to the right place.

We provide the most basic level of services; however, everything can be customised to suit your needs.

Advanced Adminstration Services

Sometimes in financial services you'll require higher level technical services such as contacting superfunds on behalf of clients.

We can provide highly customizable services with fully trained admin specialists that can results. We're used to dealing with financial institutions and we're familiar with the tactics they may use to stall a process for their own gain. We can negate these challenges and get the desired results quicker than anyone else.

Compliance Handling

Compliance is tricky, complicated and often frustrating for even the most seasoned operators. WMIA offer different services to improve your compliance practices.

We offer automated compliance reporting that meets the basic requirements set forth by ASIC. Meaning compiling reports has never been so quick and easy!

Automated Paperwork and CRM Intergration

Anyone in financial services will attest to the sheer amount of paperwork required within the industry.

If it’s something as complicated as a Statement of Advice or simply an Authority to Proceed we can automate your paperwork AND integrate it with your CRM. Therefore, to produce these basic or advanced documents requires the simple completion of an online form. From there your paperwork will be generated within the browser of your choice, complete with individual details of the client.

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